Unicorn Dreams – Custom Wax Melt


Vegan | Eco Friendly | Cruelty Free | Responsibly Packaged | Sustainable | Handmade in Wales

Sammie often uses Mmm…Melts® whilst tattooing, as it helps create a pleasant environment for her customers.



Sammie wanted a bar which looked like a galaxy, or ‘Nebula’ colour scheme.

However, she wanted it to smell like heady days at the Glastunbury festival or just about any Hippie shop you’ve ever walked into!

She LOVES the scent of warm, aromatic spices, pure sandalwood, and champa flower, so her chosen scent represents a classic Indian incense.

But of course, wax melts offer this without the smokiness of burning a joss stick, for a clean, calming scent that fills the room positive vibes.

We used mirror shine eco glitter to create a starscape, cosmetic grade, bio powders to create the nebula colours.

As well as our own methods and expertise to get the right effect!

And of course, we only use natural soy wax non hazardous base, and IFRA compliant intense concentrated perfume oils for the scent.


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