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Welcome to Unicorn Inks Tattoo

Unicorn Inks Tattoo

Hello, I’m Sammie, and welcome to Unicorn Inks Tattoo.

I am a multi-skilled and experienced female tattoo artist and piercer.

As a guest artist from various top-notch studios across the North West, I offer high-quality tattoo work.

Here, at Unicorn Inks, you can view my tattoo artwork and piercing profile and book your tattoo appointment.

Additionally, you can purchase exclusive Unicorn Inks merchandise and stay up-to-date with my latest projects through my blog.

Why Unicorn Inks?

Tattooing is my passion, and I follow it wherever it takes me.

This means that I’m not tied to a permanent location.

Instead, I prefer to travel regularly in pursuit of inspiration, so I can grow and flourish.

By doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the best in the area and explore various tattooing disciplines and styles.

Also, working this way has allowed me to cultivate a wide range of skills and experiences.

In turn, this makes me a versatile and accomplished artist with a diverse skillset.

You can catch me throughout the North West, sporting rainbow dreadlocks, sparkly body jewellery, and vibrant clothing.

As a proud rainbow unicorn, I’m always smiling and free-spirited, ready to bring my passion and creativity to your next tattoo project.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to me for tattoo work enquiries.

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