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Unicorn Stabs Tattoo Studio

Welcome to Unicorn Inks Tattoo Studio

Unicorn Stabs Tattoo Studio

Hai I’m Sammie, and welcome to my site Unicorn Inks Tattoo Studio.

Here, you can get hold of me for tattoo work enquiries,  view my Tattoo Artwork profile, my Piercing profile (or expert stabbery if you will), book your Tattoo, buy body jewellery, read my tattoo blog & more.

I’m a resident female Tattoo Artist & Piercer at Loki’s Tattoo Studio, Queensferry – North Wales.  AND … I am a rainbow unicorn!

Why Unicorn Inks?

As you can see, I am one of those non-conformist, alternative folk!

I LOVE COLOUR!  And not just any particular one, but the entire spectrum all at once has always drawn me in and sparked my inspiration.

So yes, you can find me trotting about the North West, rocking my rainbow dread locks, sparkly body jewellery, really really lurid multi coloured clothing, a big old smile on my face and not a care in the world!


And I stab people.  But nicely though.

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