Lateness happens.  We understand.  And we try to be as flexible as we can.

However serious lateness has an ongoing impact for the rest of the working day, and very often work cannot be completed in the time left once lateness has been taken out.  And trust me – you DON’T want to rush a Tattoo Artist or Piercer!

Our Policies On Lateness:


TATTOO – You have a 15 minute ‘window’ to be late.

Obviously we don’t recommend that you are late!  It’s your body – it’s always best to give as much time to the artist as possible, so that she can  stab you to the best of her un-rushed abilities!

If you are going to be a bit late, we’d love it if you could at least give us a call so that I can spend the time prepping, or getting a coffee whilst I have the chance!

If you are more than 15 minutes late, this will result in your appointment being cancelled, and loss of deposit.

Believe me, I don’t like loosing out on several hours of pay!  I can’t fill that time with someone else, and I can’t do a 3 hour tattoo in just 2 so sadly, we can’t bend the rules here!

PIERCING – Similar to the above only you have just a FIVE MINUTE window, as the entire procedure is usually under 30 minutes long, we really can’t accept anyone under 5 minutes late.

Over 5 minutes will result in loss of deposit, and most likely a need to reschedule your appointment.