Piercing’s That Just Don’t Heal


Here’s two questions you may have thought…

1. Is it possible that some people just WON’T heal a piercing?

2. Is it only some places in the body that won’t heal?

Well, the first thing I must say is make sure you research online an experienced, reputable piercer to go to. Research their social media, and if they have a website, and never hesitate to contact them to ask any questions that you might have.

There are lots of things to consider when wanting a piercing :-

Placement? Reason behind wanting the piercing – is there any beneficial help to having the piercing? Anatomy – can I have the piercing to begin with? Does the Piercer have experience in the piercing I want?

In my experience, I have seen that some people will just not heal. And unfortunately they have had to retire piercings due to migration and rejection.

Some people’s body’s just don’t like jewellery in them.

The most difficult piercings I have found personally, were my cartilage and navel piercings. My Helix in particular took around the 12 month mark before it stopped feeling bruised when I slept on it. And I had to finally retire my navel piercing after the 5th try due to it not healing, there were many factors to take into consideration, like scar tissue from it being re-pierced, excess weight from childbirth, and lack of time to look after it properly with a new born.

With cartilage piercing placements, there are less blood capillaries then in fleshier placements, and with less blood flow means less oxygen to the new piercing, thus prolonging healing. More time and patience should be given in regards to healing cartilage piercings. With fleshier placements, taking care of sweat after work and exercises and thoroughly cleaning is crucial.

I’m going to now go through things that you can do, to stimulate proper healing, and remember, time and patience.

  • Rinse piercing with sterile saline solution after exercise
  • Drying thoroughly with a cotton bud or cool setting on a hairdryer
  • Do not use cotton balls, as the fibrous material can adhere to the piercing channel
  • Avoid touching and/or playing with the piercing
  • Avoid others coming into contact
  • Keep items clean that come into contact with the piercing, e.g. phone with Helix piercing
  • Keep piercing site free from makeup
  • wear soft fabrics for navel piercings
  • wear loose fitting clothes
  • Do not smoke or eat spicy foods while oral piercings heal
  • Check jewellery daily in case of balls loosening
  • Do not use a hot tub or swim in pools or lakes
  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds, sand, lotions and oils on the piercing site
  • Try to lower stress, and avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol

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