Tattoos cannot be booked without paying a deposit

This acts as a deposit, a booking fee, and a consultation fee, as well as the full amount of your deposit being taken off the final balance upon successful completion.

It protects us from loss of earnings due to unreasonable cancellations or no-shows, but it also protects you from loosing your appointment to someone else.  Paying a deposit secures your booking.

Deposits are forfeit if you are in breech of the terms & conditions set so please be diligent.

Strictly no alcohol

If you have been or are suspected of having consumed alcohol within 48 hours of your tattoo, we will be unable to complete the job, you will be asked to leave and re-schedule, and your deposit will be lost.

Alcohol thins the blood, therefore making tattooing extremely difficult which could result in bad work.  So we simply don’t allow it.

It also has the potential to alter the state of your personality, which may result in refusal of service and again, your deposit will be lost.

And finally, it invalidates any insurance policies we have in place instantly, which is in place for your safety and protection.

Don’t Haggle with a Tattooist

We operate a professional service and our hourly rates are set.  We value our work accordingly and do not accept bartering as it de-values our work and insults our professionalism.

Talk To Me

If you have questions regarding your procedure, talk to us!  We take care of our customers and pride ourselves on the customer experience.

Tattoo & Piercing Preparation

Before any tattoo or piercing, there are some things that you can do to prepare, some things we’d prefer you didn’t to, and some things you really shouldn’t do!

Again, talk to use, ask questions, but best of all – read our Unicorn Blog!