Do You Pierce Children’s Ears?


Legally Speaking: There is no age restriction on piercing of ears, however it IS required by the law for me to obtain full parental consent to pierce anyone under the age of 16.  There are some age restrictions on piercing other parts of the body, however no sane person is going to come to me to pierce their child’s nipple….. right?

Morally Speaking: Many studio’s refuse to pierce children simply because they just aren’t into that.  And that’s fine.

Personally Speaking: Yes.  I will pierce your child’s ear.

Because I’d rather you bring your child to me, to my sterile environment, where I use single use needles specifically for your child only, use fully sterile equipment, and techniques that I have spent time (and money!) studying and mastering.

I’d rather offer you this clean, professional service and environment to minimise infection, complications and possible lifelong scarring on your baby, then have you go to a high street retailer that uses a piercing gun!


Plus their staff get just a day’s training on how to perform a ‘piercing’, using inferior, unclean equipment – if you need more information about that, please visit our ‘Unicorn Blog’ and read the one about why I am a strictly ‘No Gun’ piercer!

Oh… And…

They charge 2-3 times MORE than I do for the job?!  Insane.