Scaffold / Industrial Piercing


Restrictions:  We do not pierce under 16’s without parental consent.

Included:  Procedure, a piece of jewellery from the available range, piercing aftercare and further advice.



About Scaffold / Industrial Piercing:

Piercing ‘Art’ and body jewellery have come a very long way over the past decade or so.

The Scaffold (Also known as Industrial) piercing is a little more serious.  It’s a double piercing with a bar that runs between the two pierced sites.  Some more complicated jewellery can feature several pierced sites and several bars.

Industrial bars can run in pretty much any direction between to points, usually of the ear.

More and more people choosing to adorn their bodies with jewellery,  and finding a good piercing artist opens a whole world of possibilities, you are sure to find a way to express your own unique individualism.

Simple of course, doesn’t have to mean boring!   Choosing the right body jewellery can help create a striking look that’s as individual as you are.

At Unicorn Stabs, I only EVER pierce by hand.  I NEVER use a ‘gun’, and you can find out why on the ‘About’ page if you’d like to know more about the process.

I don’t only provide expert, safe, clean piercing – I also provide expert advice on how to care for your piercing, education on the various materials and how they could affect you, help you select a piece of body jewellery that’s right for you as well as discuss further options for the future.


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